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What if…Porn is a symptom that something much deeper is wrong?

Porn is like a festering sore signaling that beneath your flesh is a deadly disease that requires surgery, not merely a Band-Aid?  If you’re irritated, angry, or ashamed about the porn sore, we understand!  Phil lived the life of a porn addict for 40 years.  Bobi coped with the pain of the anger and hatred thrust upon her and the family due to the addiction.

You need to connect with battle-scarred warriors who have fought the fight and carry the cross of Jesus?  The battle is not always fun, but it is healthy, rewarding, and most of all REAL.

What if…the deeper issue is rebellion, pride, and lust?

It’s the original sin of Lucifer himself.  These have polluted the very air we breathe since the fall in the Garden of Eden.  Yes, without Jesus, we are all infected and dying.  But with Jesus, we can experience His freedom.  There is hope.  There is healing.  There is a better life.

What if…freedom from porn is possible for you?

It is!  The road is hard.  It takes guts.  It takes surrender.  It takes real friends, and we are real friends.  Our ministry helps men and women stay on the road to freedom.  And we can help you, because we have lived under the pain and shame of porn for many years.  With God’s help, we are healed and restored.

We personally know the battle, and we know the way out.  Reach out to us.  Let’s chat and pray.  Get our book for a detailed strategy.  Be assured, if you have read this far, you have already taken an important step on your road to freedom.

Phil and Bobi Naukam

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11 Ways for a Man to Fight Lust

Temptation is everywhere.  Get too close and you WILL get bit.  Here’s 11 ways for a man to keep his distance.

11 Ways to Fight Lust

How to Fight Lust

Recent Porn Stats & Trends

1 in 3 Americans Look at Porn

20% of Christians say they are trying to break a porn habit.  Only 10% of all Americans admit to trying to break a porn habit.  Why are we still not admitting we have a problem?  90% of men have looked at porn in the last year, and almost 40% of women.  No, it’s obviously not a problem then.

Recent Porn Stats and Trends

The Sex Slave Next Door?

Why would the average teenage girl get involved in the sex industry?  Well usually not by choice.  And yet it’s happening everyday.  Here’s one girl’s story.  And her story could be the story of girl’s in your neighborhood too.  Yes, it’s ugly, but you need to be aware.  God could use you to help bring someone out, and back to safety.

Sex Slaves in Your Neighborhood

Sex Slaves Next Door

Dating is so Old Fashioned, and Why We Need to Bring it Back

Bring Dating Back

Why date, when sex is easier?  That’s the line many teens and adults are taking today.  But is sex outside of marriage really easier?  Perhaps dating makes more sense, and why you should be so inclined.

Bring Dating Back

Pornography Addiction is Hard:  Here’s How to Get Free

“Sexual addiction is probably one of the hardest addictions to walk out of because it’s part of who you are,” Dr. Doug Weiss, head of the American Association for Sex Addiction, explained.

Why this Addiction is Harder than any other to Break

pornography addiction

11 Reasons Why the Sexual Revolution is Not the Church’s Fault

Sexual Revolution

The 60s promised free love, but 50 years later there are still some who don’t see how the sexual revolution has caused devastating harm to our culture.  And no, it’s not the church’s fault either.

11 Reasons Why the Sexual Revolution has Failed

Parents, are you protecting your kids online?

The internet is NOT a safe place for kids.  Just like there are some places you would not feel safe letting your kids wander around by themselves, the internet is not a place you want your kids wandering around.

Here’s a resource we’ve found which can help you:

Keeping your kids safe on the internet

Keeping your kids safe on the internet

Are Women to Blame for Men’s Porn Problems?

Porn Womens Fault

It’s true many women don’t fully understand the extant of a man’s struggle with visual temptation in our world today.  Many women think they can wear whatever looks good to them.  Why should they be limited in style based upon what men might think is appropriate?  Obviously this is a touchy subject.  But we think this article sheds light on it in a way that every woman should read.

Is a Man’s Porn Problem Really her Fault?

What if Porn is not normal?

When we ask young people what they think about pornography, the majority answer with, “It’s normal.”  Just because a lot of people do something does not make it normal or good for you.  PORN IS NOT NORMAL.  Sadly, our culture promotes the message that your identity is in your sexuality.  That is a lie!  Your body is God’s beautiful creation, but you are so much more than a sexual being.  You have an amazing brain, various emotions, and the Spirit of God living in you.

What if it’s really about relationships?

Pornography encourages the false belief that you are desired, cared for, and special when you participate in sexual behavior.  Truth – the porn industry is a business; it’s all about the money.  They care nothing about you as a person.  You see, porn addiction is a relational issue.

You were created to be in relationship with God and with other people, not fake images on a screen or performers at a club.  The porn industry makes billions of dollars each year from lonely people who buy the substitute instead of enjoying healthy relationships with real people.

What does the way out look like?

Reach out to those who care and want to walk with you on your journey to freedom.  We personally know the battle; we know the way out.  And we want to help.  Contact us if you want to talk or pray.  We care and God’s love is free.

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