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I Married a Porn Addict is the story of loss to restoration, despair to triumph, and defeat to victory. It is the story of a woman who survived deception and degradation by the grace of God and of a man who refused to remain a slave to his past. Now, Bobi and Phil share their incredible story so that others might also discover the freedom that God's transforming love and forgiveness bring.

Bobi and Phil met and married while in college. Upon graduation, Phil became a pilot in the United States Air Force, and Bobi enjoyed the life of a career officer's wife and stay-at-home mom. The fairytale life she dreamed about did not become a reality. The first 33 years of their marriage was filled with turmoil and pain. She turned to God for healing while Phil dove deeper into his pornography addiction. But God worked miracles in both their lives. Phil was set free of porn addiction, and God taught Bobi to become the woman of God that she wanted to be. Their marriage restored, Bobi began writing and teaching about how God worked in her life. Today, both of them mentor hurting people, prepare young people to fight the war on integrity and sexual purity, and travel around the country sharing the miracle story of their restoration. 

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What If? Freedom Ministries evolved from the stories of two struggling people.  It is the story of Phil and his journey to recovery from a 40-year addiction to pornography.  It is the story of Bobi, his wife, and her struggles with her values as a woman during the turbulent years before and during Phil’s recovery.  It is a story that, against all odds, brings hope that anything is possible when a life is redirected by God’s unconditional love and power. 

The goal of What If? is to help prevent people from falling into the trap of pornography and sexual addictions.  It also provides help and hope to those already ensnared by offering assistance to escape the trap of sexual sin; there is a way out.


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