Bobi Naukam Porn Addiction

Pornography Addiction:

A Private Disease…

Killing Us Publically

This is the true story of

a 40 year addiction to pornography…

and a marriage broken.

But, this is also a story of

healing and recovery…

and most of all hope.

Phil Naukam Porn Addiction

Why Do I Feel this Way?

What if… 

Porn  Isn’t Your Problem?

What if?

Porn isn’t really your problem?  What if porn is just a symptom that something much deeper is wrong?

Like a festering sore signaling that beneath your flesh is a deadly disease which requires surgery, and not just skin-deep makeup.  If you’re irritated, angry, or ashamed about the porn sore, hanging out with a bunch of made up Christian-esque lightweights is not going to really help you feel better.  What you need is to get with some battle-scarred disciples who actually carry the cross.  Is it always fun to journey the disciples’ road?  Nope.  But it is healthy, rewarding, and most of all real.

So what about the deeper disease?  It’s called rebellion, sometimes pride, and sometimes lust.  It’s the original sin of Lucifer himself.  And it has polluted the very air we breathe since our fall from Eden.  Without Jesus, we’re all infected and dying.  But with Jesus, as our Healer and Friend, we can experience His resurrection life in spite of this broken world.  So there is hope.  And there is healing.  And there is a better life.

But the Christian road is hard.  It takes guts.  It takes surrender.  And it takes real friends.  So what if freedom from porn is possible for you?  It is.  And we are a friend.  Our ministry helps men and women every day stay on the road to freedom.  And we can help you too.  Not because we’re better or know more, but because we’ve lived under the sickness and shame of porn for many years, and with God’s help have been healed and restored.

We personally know the battle, and we know the way out.  And we want to help.  So reach out to us.  Get our book.  Let’s chat and pray.  And be assured, if you’ve read this far, then you’ve already taken the next step on your road to freedom!

-Phil & Bobi Naukam

What if?

God loves you just the way you are?

God is bigger than all your problems?

God can break the addictions in your life?

God is waiting for permission from you?

If you struggle with pornography, or love someone who does, then you should get this book.  I Married a Porn Addict is the story of loss to restoration, despair to triumph, and defeat to victory. It is the story of a woman who survived deception and degradation by the grace of God and of a man who refused to remain a slave to his past. Bobi and Phil Naukam share the ugly details of their own battle.  They tell how the process of healing grew in their lives.  Further, they give you specific steps you can take in winning your own war with pornography.  

Don’t suffer alone.  Don’t put it off.  The disease of pornography is deceptive.  Often you don’t know the grizzly extent it has metastasized inside your soul, slowly killing you from the inside out.  Take the next step of faith right now.  Learn from Bobi and Phil’s story.  Let it give you motivation and insight, and most of all hope that if God can deliver them, He can deliver you and your loved ones too.  So get the book, and let their incredible story help you discover the freedom that God’s transforming love and forgiveness brings.

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What if?

Your Journey to Freedom Starts Right Now