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You Are Not Alone

Millions of women are impacted by pornography.  Most of the time it’s because someone they love is addicted.  Rather than a cherished significant relationship, they feel settled for, or even replaced by the digital competition filling their man’s eyes.

It hurts.  It’s real.  And it’s mostly taboo to discuss, even for Christians.  I know exactly how this feels.  I lived it for decades.  I’m Bobi Naukam.  And I wrote this book for you.


What if Porn is not normal?

When we ask young people what they think about pornography, the majority answer with, “It’s normal.”  Just because a lot of people do something does not make it normal or good for you.  PORN IS NOT NORMAL.  Sadly, our culture promotes the message that your identity is in your sexuality.  That is a lie!  Your body is God’s beautiful creation, but you are so much more than a sexual being.  You have an amazing brain, various emotions, and the Spirit of God living in you.

What if it’s really about relationships?

Pornography encourages the false belief that you are desired, cared for, and special when you participate in sexual behavior.  Truth – the porn industry is a business; it’s all about the money.  They care nothing about you as a person.  You see, porn addiction is a relational issue.

You were created to be in relationship with God and with other people, not fake images on a screen or performers at a club.  The porn industry makes billions of dollars each year from lonely people who buy the substitute instead of enjoying healthy relationships with real people.

What does the way out look like?

Reach out to those who care and want to walk with you on your journey to freedom.  We personally know the battle; we know the way out.  And we want to help.  Contact us if you want to talk or pray.  We care and God’s love is free.

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