Porn Addiction.  Sucks.  But It’s Not Game-Over.


What if…Porn is a symptom that something much deeper is wrong?

Porn is like a festering sore signaling that beneath your flesh is a deadly disease that requires surgery, not merely a Band-Aid?  If you’re irritated, angry, or ashamed about the porn sore, we understand!  Phil lived the life of a porn addict for 40 years.  Bobi coped with the pain of the anger and hatred thrust upon her and the family due to the addiction.

You need to connect with battle-scarred warriors who have fought the fight and carry the cross of Jesus?  The battle is not always fun, but it is healthy, rewarding, and most of all REAL.

What if…the deeper issue is rebellion, pride, and lust?

It’s the original sin of Lucifer himself.  These have polluted the very air we breathe since the fall in the Garden of Eden.  Yes, without Jesus, we are all infected and dying.  But with Jesus, we can experience His freedom.  There is hope.  There is healing.  There is a better life.

What if…freedom from porn is possible for you?

It is!  The road is hard.  It takes guts.  It takes surrender.  It takes real friends, and we are real friends.  Our ministry helps men and women stay on the road to freedom.  And we can help you, because we have lived under the pain and shame of porn for many years.  With God’s help, we are healed and restored.

We personally know the battle, and we know the way out.  Reach out to us.  Let’s chat and pray.  Get our book for a detailed strategy.  Be assured, if you have read this far, you have already taken an important step on your road to freedom.

Phil and Bobi Naukam

Our Story

Bobi and Phil met and married while in college. Upon graduation, Phil became a pilot in the United States Air Force, and Bobi enjoyed the life of a career officer’s wife and stay-at-home mom.

The fairytale life she dreamed about did not become a reality. The first 33 years of their marriage was filled with turmoil and pain. She turned to God for healing while Phil dove deeper into his pornography addiction. But God worked miracles in both their lives. Phil was set free of porn addiction, and God taught Bobi to become the woman of God that she wanted to be.

Their marriage restored, Bobi began writing and teaching about how God worked in her life. Today, both of them mentor hurting people, prepare young people to fight the war on integrity and sexual purity, and travel around the country sharing the miracle story of their restoration.

Phil and Bobi Naukam are licensed ministers through Believer’s Church World Outreach in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  They facilitate seminars promoting marriage restoration; speak to groups of all ages; and enable youth pastors, young people, and their parents to develop strategies for winning the war on integrity and sexual purity.

Bobi & Phil Naukam


We speak at conferences, churches and small groups.  If you are interested in having Phil and/or Bobi speak at your next event, please contact us.

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