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“Lord jesus christ

son of god

have mercy on me

a sinner.”


porn doesn’t just take our peace

it takes away our soul

I’ve lived with the pain that comes along with pornography addiction. I have spent lots of money, wasted time searching for another ‘fix’ and ruined several important relationships as a result of the hold porn had on my life. Why? Cause I didn’t know how the viewing of porn worked at hiding True Love.  It was all about me. Well, after 40 years of battling with it and thinking it was just ‘how all guys think’ and ‘a normal male thing’ and ‘everyone does it’, I realized I couldn’t just give it up. It did affect others as well as myself.

How does viewing porn effect my thinking and actions?  I didn’t understand until I read some articles on the subject. Well, I came across the best explanation on this web site .  Read or download the Reference guide. It is excellent and uses scientific references to make the point that porn is bad, anyway you look at it.

There are several good programs I could have chosen but God lead me to Celebrate Recovery cause I knew that I needed Him to be truly released from the trap of pornography.  Check out their web site at .

You need some one to talk to?  I’m available. The Contact Us section of this web site has all the info you need.  TAKE ACTION NOW!!

You Can Do it!  -Phil Naukam

You Were Made

for more than this

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