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If you struggle with pornography, or love someone who does, then you should get this book.  I Married a Porn Addict is the story of loss to restoration, despair to triumph, and defeat to victory. It is the story of a woman who survived deception and degradation by the grace of God and of a man who refused to remain a slave to his past. Bobi and Phil Naukam share the ugly details of their own battle.  They tell how the process of healing grew in their lives.  Further, they give you specific steps you can take in winning your own war with pornography.


He has a way for you!

Don’t suffer alone.  Don’t put it off.  The cancer of pornography is deceptive.  You may not know the extent to which it has metastasized inside your soul while slowly killing you from the inside out.  Take the next step of faith right now.  Learn from Phil and Bobi’s story.  All it to motivate you and to give you insight and, most of all, hope.  If God can change and heal them, He can and will do the same for you and your loved ones.  Get the book, and allow their incredible story help you discover the freedom that God’s transforming love and forgiveness bring.

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