What if God wants you to treasure Him and what is important in His eyes?

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.  Matthew 6:21

I can always tell what is important to me by where I spend my time and money.  My health is important, so I eat a mostly healthy diet and exercise regularly.  My husband and family are important, so I invest a lot of time talking and spending time with them.  My relationship with my Father is extremely critical to my well-being, and I nurture that relationship by reading and studying the Bible, praying, praising Him, being careful what I read and watch, and “paying it forward.”  That is, I help others in need by mentoring women, tithing and giving money to Godly causes, being kind to people that cross my path, and living my life in a way so that others see Jesus in me.  Do I fail in these goals, sometimes yes.  But the goal of my life is to focus on God and these treasures, not things like making money, buying fancy cars or big houses, and impressing people with how great I am in their eyes.  I think that is what this verse is all about.  If my treasures are all about material things, where does that leave me in God’s plan for my life?  Empty.

What if God wants me to treasure Him and His desires for my life?  Each kind, loving, unselfish, God-centered action on my part stores up treasures in my heavenly account.  And those treasure never disappear.  A computer crash can’t delete them.  A flood can’t carry them away.  A tornado can’t blow them away.  An earthquake can’t bury them under rubble.  A thief cannot steal them.  I don’t even have to buy insurance in case of a disaster, because God holds my treasures in His hand.  When I learned to think this way, unimportant things lost my interest.  Honoring God and helping others in all I do became my focus.  Now, that is a fulfilling life.  What if God wants you to focus on putting your treasures in heaven, having your heart’s desires in God’s hands?

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