What if God will deliver you out of your troubles?

…Many are the afflictions of the righteous; but the Lord delivers him out of them all.  Psalm 34:19               For a few months, we have been praying for a friend and her husband who is critically ill.  Her dependence on the Lord has been an encouragement to us.  Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment to review the results of a test I had done a couple weeks ago.  The results were the opposite of what I had expected.  I must confess that my reaction was less than stellar.  I know we are to give thanks in all things, and usually I do.  That has become a habit.  But not yesterday.  I was angry and tired of “doing all the right things” according to my doctors and still developing conditions that “we can’t explain why.”  I lost it and accepted the devil’s invitation to a pity party.  Mentally, I did remind myself that at least I was not in the hospital fighting a life-threatening illness or incapacitated due to a stroke like friends we are praying for.  But I went to bed angry (I know the Bible says don’t let the sun go down on your anger.)  But I couldn’t hear clearly.  Praise God, I woke with a better attitude.  When I checked email, I read our friend’s daily email regarding her husband’s agonizingly slow progress.  She referred to Psalm 34:19 expressing her gratefulness to God for His deliverance and faithfulness.

My “afflictions” are nothing compared to what they and so many others are walking through.  How can I complain when God has been so faithful in my life?  I must change my focus from myself and my circumstances and focus on my loving Abba Father Who “delivers him out of them all.”  So, today I choose to trust Him once again and obey His Word.  I will rejoice in the Lord because He is good, and I can trust Him.  I still don’t understand, and maybe I never will.  I choose to look to Jesus as He walks with me step by step through this affliction.  What if God is walking with you and is delivering you from your struggles one step at a time?  What if God wants you to focus on Jesus instead of your trials?

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